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EXID Junghwa


 --     Can't nobody get on my level

"How’s it doin’? It’s your girl, LE, here," she nods, giving an two finger salute. "You probably know me better as that rapper from EXID or my past as an underground rapper. I ain’t sayin’ I’m not that girl, just givn’ you some more insight on me and promoting my tattooing career. So, if you ever want to get inked up, come my way."

Locking eyes, she holds up er hand in the shape of a gun, pointing it to their head, “Now, if you would kindly help a girl out…”

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because Every Night is a good ass song

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001/? Gendry/Arya “Fatherbed” screencaps project

"it was the first time he saw her, wild and young dancing in the milky snow, Lady Arya Stark of Winterfell"

Natalie Dormer


Such a beauty shouldn’t stay hidden up here forever.